I asked WIC why most organics aren’t allowed for poor pregnant women and babies [VIDEO]

Published on May 20, 2014

The USDA’s WIC program is supposed to be a nutritional education program for pregnant women, infants, and children under five considered to be a “nutritional risk”. The program gives out grocery store vouchers that barely allow these women to have any organic food at all, and depending on what state a woman lives in, it might be none.

I decided to call my local WIC office to ask why that is, considering it’s an “nutrition education” program and studies show that pesticides increase the risks for all kinds of diseases and cancer, and they are especially bad for pregnant women and growing fetuses. If organic isn’t even an option, how are these women supposed to learn about it to even make a choice on whether or not it might be healthier for them and their infants and children?

Why is the government treating organics like they are a “boutique food” that only wealthy people are allowed, and in the process, passing along that notion to poor pregnant women and setting their babies up for a lifetime of potential health problems under the guise of “nutrition education”?