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State Dept.’s Psaki can’t explain her beef with Ukraine [VIDEO]

Published on May 13, 2014

The US State Dept’s Jen Psaki was quick to undermine moves for autonomy in East Ukraine but failed to follow up on her key ‘carousel voting’ claim . It turns out she didn’t actually know what she was talking about.

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​State Dept.’s Psaki claims there was “carrousel voting” in Ukraine but doesn’t know what it means [VIDEO]


Catch! Watch the incredible robot arm that never drops a thing



  • 1.5m long arm shown catching everything from a tennis racket to a bottle
  • Can learn to catch objects of any shape and size

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2626598/Catch-Watch-incredible-robot-arm-never-drops-thing-set-blasted-orbit-grab-space-junk.html#ixzz31biNJEMD

Class of 2014 [CARTOON]



Malaysia Flight 370 100% HOAX! No Proof Given As Official Story Unravels [VIDEO]

HERE WE GO! IMPORTANT INFO BELOW PROVES HOAX!- “New satellite data analysis has confirmed that missing Flight 370 crashed into the southern Indian Ocean, Malaysia’s prime minister told a news conference on Monday. Performing further calculations on the data, using a type of analysis, NEVER BEFORE used in an investigation of this sort.” – LOL. A Plane “found”, yet no evidence or proof, no hard or physical evidence. Not only no proof given, and we have to take their word for it, but they want us to forget about the flight tracking switched off in the cockpit, the 2 Iranians with stolen passports, phones ringing and no debris found.. Etc etc. That’s a good one. – PLANE HOAX.

*’Flight 370 The CIA HOAX: Gordon Duff’*
“Today we are told that the fate of Flight 370 is known, not yet identified debris has been spotted in what is called “the Southern Indian Ocean,” perhaps more appropriately described as “north of Antarctica.”

We also know that the 777/200 is a “fly by wire” aircraft with controls in place that allow the CIA to remotely pilot the plan “in case of emergency.” We were able to verify the design and implementation of this system through Boeing, Raytheon and commercial pilots.


The descriptions today in the New York Times and other publications are purposefully inaccurate and contradictory. Their explanations of how commercial aircraft communicate and are tracked are fanciful at best, at worst “criminal.”

Malaysia Flight 370 Illuminati Hoax Exposed [VIDEO]


Photoshopped MH 370 Maylasian Flight Deception VIDEO

Malaysian Airlines “Flight MH370” Media Psychological Operation (HOAX)


Money still flows into Gitmo [VIDEO]

The most dangerous “terrorists” in GITMO are 9/11 plotters – IF 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, these prisoners are innocent [VIDEO]

An earmark in the 2015 National Defense Authorization Bill allocates $69 million for the construction of a new complex at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility that will house high-value detainees such as 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammad. The current Camp 7 that houses the detainees was built on shifting ground and has deteriorated significantly over the years. RT Correspondent Meghan Lopez reports on the money flow.

US spy chief cracks down on whistleblowers [VIDEO]

Open-information activists are calling a new rule being implemented by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence a “gag order” on public debate. The rule in question prohibits employees of the office from publically discussing or writing about leaked information. Activists believe this will prevent employees from speaking out on perceived wrongdoing by the intelligence community, forcing them to repeat official positions given by government officials. As many note, these official positions and the truth are often very different. RT’s Lindsay France discusses the controversial new policy with Kathleen McClellan, the national security and human rights counsel for the Government Accountability Project.

Woman DARES To Record Her Arrest, Now She Faces MAJOR Charges [VIDEO]

Published on May 12, 2014

“A Chicopee woman was arrested on unlawful wiretapping charges in Springfield early Sunday morning after police responded to a street disturbance at 140 Chestnut Street.

Springfield Police Lieutenant Robert Moynihan told ABC 40 24-year-old Karen Dziewit was drinking outside of a building at 140 Chestnut Street around 2:15 AM, along with yelling and disturbing residents. After several failed attempts to calm her down, she was arrested for disorderly conduct.

During the arrest, Dziewit told police she turned on a recording device on her smart phone that was hidden inside her purse and recorded her arrest.”*