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“How The U.S. Almost Killed The Internet And Why It Still Could!” [VIDEO]


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Flew 4 More Hours After Last Contact?


A map showing the maximum range of the missing flight MH370. – The Malaysian Insider, March 14, 2014.



It’s been almost a week since a Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers vanished into thin air. And as authorities continue to try to find out what happened to the missing aircraft, a troubling new report suggests that it may have kept flying for several hours after losing contact. Did the jet — and its hundreds of passengers — land in some unknown location?


MORE:   http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/03/13/malaysia-airlines-conspiracy-flight-370-time-missing/



White House withheld over 9,000 documents in Senate-CIA probe [VIDEO]


The CIA and the Senate Intelligence Committee have been squaring off over claims that the CIA improperly searched a special computer network used by the committee.

Staffers were using the network to investigate allegations of CIA abuse in a controversial George W. Bush-era detention and interrogation program. Now it turns out that the White House may have played a role in the intelligence scandal as well.

According to a new report, the Obama administration has been withholding about 9,400 documents either by ignoring or rejecting requests – from the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of its review of the Bush-era program.

RT’s Ameera David asks Matthew Kellegrew, legal fellow for the Bill of Rights Defence Committee, why the documents have been held up, when President Barack Obama has said he is “absolutely committed” to declassifying the report about the program.



What Kind Of Heartless Politicians Keep Effective SAFE Medicine Away From Sick And Dying Children? [VIDEO]

16,000 NATO Troops War Game On Russian Border [VIDEO]

Priest in Pike County sex case promoted after move to Paraguay





A Roman Catholic priest who was accused of molesting boys in Shohola and Moscow, Pa., has been promoted to the No. 2 position in his diocese in Paraguay.

That is according to a database released this week, listing Catholic clergy from Argentina involved in sex abuse cases. The database was compiled by BishopAccountability.org, an organization that aims to keep a record of sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

Former Bishop Joseph Martino of the Diocese of Scranton allowed the Rev. Carlos Urrutigoity to transfer to a parish in the South American country of Paraguay after multiple witness statements in several court cases claimed that Urrutigoity routinely slept in bed with and had sex with boys in his care, calling it spiritual guidance.