Daily Archives: March 3, 2014

Clear Evidence The Drug War Is A WAR On YOUR CHILDREN And YOUR FAMILY! [VIDEO]


Slaughterhouse sold meat from cows with cancer [VIDEO]


A slaughterhouse in Petaluma, California, is under criminal investigation by the federal government for killing and selling meat from dairy cows who had cancer, and now 8.7 million pounds of beef are being recalled across the nation. The Resident discusses.


Thousands Of Orthodox Jews Flood The Streets In Jerusalem To Protest Military Draft Bill [VIDEO]

Governor Moonbeam Bashes On “The POTHEADS” (short version) [VIDEO]

According to this governor’s belief, our country should have been take over by alcoholics long ago [VIDEO]

“No Country Has The Right To Send In Troops To Another Country Unprovoked” Obama [VIDEO]



“Israelis Want Peace More Than ANYONE Else!” & Santa Claus and Bugs Bunny Are Real [VIDEO]

Warmonger Senator McCain Preaches To Israelis: “This Regime In Iran Is The World’s Leading Sponsor Of Terror!” [VIDEO]